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  • teachlearn

     Online Teacher training courses at International House Newcastle

    There are opportunities to work all around the world and our courses can fit in with whatever your timetable allows. Online teacher training courses for those already in work, to intensive 4 week courses for those seeking work.

    Learn to teach English online with International House Newcastle

    Online English Courses with Netlanguages and IH Campus

    Improve your level of English with our excellent range of online courses. From IELTS to General and Business English, online courses are flexible and can fit around your working day.

    Learn English online with International House

    Online Orientation courses

    OK, now you have booked your course at International House Newcastle. Here you will find lots of information to help you prepare for your stay. Local clubs and places to visit as well as good advice for learning English!

    Online orientation course for students of International House

    CLIL Content and Language Integrated Learning Options and Teacher Training Courses

    The world is changing and now school teachers all over the world are having to use English to teach almost every subject! From physics to geography, art to history. This course will help you prepare for one of the greatest revolutions in school teaching ever.

    CLIL Content and Language Integrated Learning Course at International House Newcastle

    Vocational E-courses for executives and professionals

    Along with English and teacher training, International House offers a wide range of vocational and executive qualfications. So you can improve your English and prove that you can work in a truly international environment.

    Vocational ecourses with International House Newcastle

    The largest peer network of language schools in the world is 56 years old. Learn more about us whether you are a student, a teacher, or just curious to learn about the international house family!

    International House World Organisation

    International House - 7-15 Gallowgate, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 4SG

    Tel: +44(0)191 2329551    Email:

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