HPatricia Mullen - Admninistrative and Marketing Directorello and welcome to International House Newcastle!


I am responsible for student services, administration and marketing which involves ensuring that you have suitable accommodation organised and that the enrolment procedure is as smooth as possible.

I also promote our school at various workshops and language fairs throughout the year with the main objective of informing travel agents and students about the benefits of studying in Newcastle. The city is the perfect destination for individuals who want to go “one step further” and escape the crowds.


Newcastle-Upon-Tyne has been voted one of the best cities for nightlife in the UK and as a student there are many discounts available in restaurants, cafes and bars every night of the week.


Another advantage of staying in Newcastle is the fact that it has a small city-centre so if you enjoy visiting the coast and countryside you can be amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain within 30 minutes drive.


We also offer a full-time social programme all year round and excursions to Edinburgh, Lake District, York and many other places of interest within a short distance of the city.  Evenings activities include international food nights, bowling, cinema, theatre, ice skating, pub nights and nightclubs.  


Please take the time to look at this course which has been specially designed to provide you with information that will help you during your time as a student at International House Newcastle.


We look forward to seeing you her at International House Newcastle



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