The Immigration Officer may want to ask you some questions. Tell him frankly and truthfully your plans for your stay, that you will be studying with International House Newcastle, and the financial arrangements you have made. Show him your evidence that you have a place at our school, and that you have money to meet the costs of your stay and the stay of any other member of your family for whom you are responsible. The Officer will want to know that you are able to, and intend to, follow a course of study of at least fifteen hours a week, and that you will leave the country when the course is finished.


If you have any problems, ask the Immigration Officer to telephone International House Newcastle.


If you want to stay for a longer period, you must apply to the Home Office for an extension about one month before your permission expires. Ask our staff at International House for help: we will supply evidence that you are a regular student. You will also have to show the Home Office that you have enough money for all your needs.


Unless you are from an EU country, you may not take employment of any kind (even part-time) without first obtaining permission from the Department of Employment. This will be stamped on your passport.


You should also check the stamp carefully to see if you have to register with the police; if so, do this as soon as possible after you arrive at International House. If you need to register with the police, you will need to take two passport photographs and pay a fee.


The address of the Home Office Immigration and Nationality Department is: Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon CR9 2BY, tel. 0870 606 7766 (this is about 16 kms from the centre of London).

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