Students should not expect a replica of their own home. Homestays offer a taste of Britain and students may have to adapt to different homestay environments while they are in the UK. Many homestay providers have pets in the home and a number have young children.

Students should also remember that the UK has a rich history and is proud of its cultural diversity. Peoples riginally from many parts of the world are now a welcome part of multicultural Britain. Our homestay providers are a reflection of our society and come from different backgrounds, every age group and different socio-economic groups. We do not discriminate and welcome all homestays that fit our basic criteria.

Centres try to match students with homestays and to find the right homestay for everyone. It is important to book early, especially for the peak summer months, and to make known your requirements so that they can be matched where possible for example in the areas of diet, smoking, children and pets.

If you like your independence and want to live with other students you may prefer

Have fun buying food in markets and shops, as you’ll be self-catering.

Charlotte House student apartments. You’ll have your own room but share a kitchen and bathroom.
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