Our Personal Study Programme (PSP) is unique to International House Newcastle.

In this hour you will be given a tailor-made programme of study designed especially for you. Your class will be at the same time everyday with the same teacher. The teacher will help you to identify areas that you need to work on. These could be grammatical structures, listening, speaking, vocabulary- whatever you need! If you are working towards a specific examination, such as TOEIC, TOEFL or the Cambridge Examinations, the teacher can provide you with examination material for that examination.

In PSP you can choose from a range of materials to study from. If you enjoy using computers we have a variety of interactive online materials. We also have a range of resources such as DVDs, speaking activities, examination practice packs etc.

In order for us to create the most suitable programme for you, it would be really helpful if you could fill out the PSP Questionnaire and send it back to dos@ihnewcastle.com . We will use this to select the most suitable material for your level and interests. This means that you will be ready to start your programme on your first day.

An important part of PSP is record keeping. You will have a work record which you must update daily. On this record you should comment on the materials you are using, the teacher will also add comments. If your course is sponsored by your company or embassy we will e-mail this work record at the end of every week. For more information – click here



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