Eating and Drinking


       'Pubs' (Public Houses)


Pubs are a great British institution, ranging from small 'locals' to large establishments. They serve mainly cold drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and sometimes coffee. Most also offer snacks and sandwiches, and often hot dishes and salads which can be quite cheap. Pubs do not have waiters or waitresses, so you should order your drinks and food from the bar and pay immediately. Children under 14 are not allowed inside pubs (although some have a garden where children can play). No-one under 18 may be served alcohol. All pubs are now non-smoking. There are so many in Newcastle it is difficult to mention them here!



       Cafes and snackbars


These do not usually serve alcohol, and are often cheap. For a complete meal, go to a restaurant. In some restaurants it may be necessary to book in advance. A service charge is sometimes added to the bill. If not, it is customary to add 10%. Many cafes and restaurants have special offers early evening for students. (Happy Hours etc)


       Take-away meals


These are available from some restaurants and Britain offers a range of food of all nations such as Indian, Chinese, Italian etc.


Pubs, restaurants and wine bars are all subject to British licensing laws, which can restrict the sale of alcohol to between the hours of 11am to 11pm, although some pubs may have different opening hours, especially in the city centre. Check out signs on the restaurant windows and doors for special discounts if you eat early evening.

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