There is seldom any need to face problems or difficulties by yourself; you should always ask for advice and the school's emergency telephone number will be available. As well as your homestay family, some other people who would always be willing to help are:


Becky Bradley Receptionist our Head of Student Welfare will know the answers to most of the problems students meet, and will have the addresses of local organisations who can offer special help and advice.


The Police: British police have a great reputation for giving friendly help and advice on all kinds of issues - please do ask them, whatever your problem.


The Citizens’ Advice Bureau: there is one in every large town, and they too have lists of addresses. They are especially useful if you need legal advice. Their help and advice is free.


More advice is available from The British Council 'Safety First' guide - click here

Last modified: Wednesday, 25 June 2008, 01:57 PM