Treatment under the National Health Service is free:

       • if you enrol on a course for more than six months.

       • if you are a national of an EU country.

       • if your country has a full reciprocal health agreement with Britain.


If none of these apply, you will have to pay if you are admitted to a hospital bed (unless your illness is an infectious one). Only emergency outpatient treatment for accidents is free. You will also be charged for a consultation or visit by a local doctor. If your course lasts for more than six months, you will be accepted by the NHS (National Health Service) for free treatment for any illness which has developed during your stay, or for a previous condition which has become worse and needs urgent treatment, or for accidents. A pregnancy which began before the student left home is not treated free, except in an emergency. Even if treatment is free, you must pay part of the cost of medicine.


       Medical Insurance


If you have not already made your own arrangements, or if you come from a non-exempt country, International House Newcastle can offer you an insurance scheme to help pay for some or all hospital expenses.


       Dental treatment.


If you need dental treatment you will almost certainly have to pay the full cost as a private patient.

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