Cultural Traits


There will be many aspects of British behaviour which seem very strange to your culture. Within our own culture we feel secure as we can easily interpret the things around us. Unfortunately, this can result in judging outsiders by our own standards which in turn can give rise to prejudice and stereotypes. Keeping an open mind is essential to getting the most out of your time in Newcastle.


       Culture Shock


Culture shock is similar to the feelings we have when we are adapting to a new job or other environment, only more so. When people are surrounded by a different culture where everything (including the language) is new and potentially confusing, they go through changes of mood and attitude before coming to terms with their new environment.


These feelings of alienation can be caused by relatively minor things such as unfamiliar food; differences in routine; differences in travel arrangements and unfamiliar official procedures. They can be made worse by the deeper cultural differences in the family life or language. You should not let the differences distress you. You will find that most people in Newcastle are happy to help you if you have a problem or need some information.

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